Bait and Tackle

We Get Great Bait !

All our bait is from Alaska and is not shipped in from the lower 48 states and is generally from Bristol Bay or Kodiak.

Halibut Herring- 5 and 10 lb bags

Troll Herring- Sizes Red, Orange, Green and Blues.

Squid, Octopus and sometimes Cured Sardines

King Salmon Roe- from "Nate's Bait" "Best Eggs" many say...



We have a little of everything including;

Halibut and Salmon Tackle -

Halibut Rigs, Circle Hooks, Salmon Trolling Gear, Salmon Mooching Rigs, Weights, Bobbers, Hooks, Line, Sinkers...  Everything you'll need to get out on the water fishing.

Fly Fishing Gear and Tackle -

Leader, Split-Shot, Swivels, Fly Line, Backing, Fly Boxes,  Hooks, Pliers, Clippers, Lanyards, Vests, Fly Rods, Reels, Spinning Rods, Rod Cases, Sun Glasses and much more....

Odds and Ends...

Clam Shovels, Tackle Boxes, Nets, Caps, Camp Fire Wood, Chum Bags, Flash Lights, Head Lamps, Hip Boots, Waders and Wader Boots, Personal Post Cards and Filet Knives...

We do recycle tackle, either used or out of package and offer lures at a discounted price.