Sports Fishing Guide Service

Alaska Fly Fishing Tours - Sport Fishing Guide Service

Walk-In Fishing on the Anchor River and other local rivers: Deep Creek, Ninilchik, Kasilof, Quarts Creek and many more...

Hike-In Fishing to remote river and lakes for Arctic Grayling

7-10 Day Fly Fishing Float Trips - look at

Tours and Travel Booking Service

Anchor Point Tours and Travel

Make us your 1st call when planning a trip to Alaska. Book your Halibut or Salmon Charters here, let us find a Charter  Boat for you on short notice, at no extra cost to you. We can book you for a day of Sea Kayaking, Fly Fishing, Bear Viewing, Whale Watching, Glacier Cruises, Gold Panning...   Take advantage of the local knowledge we can provide on all the est tours and adventures Alaska has to offer. Let us book your dream vacation.

Fly Tying Classes

We offer one class per/mth  June - Sept.  Dates will be posted. Taught by Bruce Susinger    $35 per  person  (3 hr. class)

Fly Fishing / Casting Instruction

Fly Fishing and Fly Casting is taught by our guides: Grant Anderson or Bruce Susinger here at The Fly Box with "Alaska Fly Fishing Tours."  If you prefer a woman instructor we are lucky to have Nancy Willitte as part of our team, a world class certified fly fishing instructor.

Casting instruction is provided on all guided trips, with either Grant or Bruce.  For "Special Instruction" on Dry fly Casting, we are lucky to have World record Holder Roy McGraw, to teach you and share some of his secrets and expertise.

Campfire Wood - $5.00 per Bundle

Look out by the sign for wood - $5.00 per bundle, if after hours, please use the "Honor System Can" under the sign board. You'll have to make you own change or stop back in. 

Coffee - Snacks and Pizza -

All the Munchy's you will need, including ready to go snack boxes, drinks and Pizza. Order a Tombstone Pizza for the road or eat it here on the deck. Get a free cup of coffee when you stop in or a River Mocha.  Microwave in use for snacks.

The Fly Box Snack Box - The perfect ready to go Snack Box for a day on the water Halibut Fishing, Sea-Kayaking, Hiking or Bear Viewing (special tuna fish for you Bear Viewers, just kidding!) Includes a bag of assorted chips, Sandwich, Ham Turkey or Beef, a piece of fruit: orange, banana or fruit cup.

*Always use caution when having snacks or food with you while out in bear country and please never leave crumbs, food or litter.