Fishing Report 2021

Fri. June 18th - 6am
Anchor River - Very clear and low.
Kasilof River - Not too many Kings from the bank today, but they did good from the Drift boats.

Thurs. June 17th - 6am
Anchor River - Looking very low and clear.
Kasilof River - Kings were a little slower today, but managed to get some reds.

Weds. June 16th
Anchor River - We need some rain to give the river some water, as it looks low.
Kasilof River - Still catching some Kings from the bank and seen many caught from drift boats.
Kenai River - Reds were slow today in lower river, but were doing great up at the Russian River.

Tues. June 15th 6am  
Anchor River - The King count looks good and ahead of last year. River looks great, but getting low.
Kasilof River - The reds were active this morning early and the we saw some Kings caught from he bank by the master.
Kenai River - Russian River Reds were active today

Mon. June 14th - 6am
Anchor River - Looks great ! 
Kasilof River - King Fishing continues to be good, there are some Sockeye coming in on the tides.

Sun. June 13th - 6am
Anchor River - Just over a month away from the opener of the river, opens July 16th
Kasilof River - Kings were in good today!
Kenai River - Good action on the early run Sockeye and the river was a little low, it is raising slowly.

Sat. June 12th - 6am
Anchor River - Slowly dropping and starting to look lower than normal.
Kasilof River - A great day on the river with many hook ups and only one landed, but lots of Kings and sockeye.

Fri. June 11th - 6am
Anchor River - Still looks great and at a good level.
Kasilof River - Good reports of Kings caught from the bank and saw a few caught from drift boats.

Thurs. June 10th - 6am
Anchor River - Water is looking great and near a normal level.  We are seeing a good number of Kings the last few says, but don't expect them to ever open it back up after they close it, even if the fish are there or just late.
Kasilof River - Good river conditions with the water low and rising slowly. 

Weds. June 9th - 6am
Anchor River - Water came up a little from the rain but didn't do much to the color.  Water is in great shape if the river was open.  The number of Kings is way past last year with a huge push of fish the last 4-5 days. 
Kasilof River- Good King action today from the bank and did see good action from the drift boats.  Sockeye are in better numbers.
Ninilchik - Starting June 12th, they are increasing the daily limit to two fish from one fish per day.  Increase the limit here and close the Anchor River.... Hummmm...

Tues. June 8th - 6am
Anchor River - Best the river has looked all year!  Water is clear and is at a normal level.
Kasilof River - Kings are doing well and starting to see more Sockeye in the river.

Mon. June 7th - 6am
Anchor River - River Closed to all species until July 15th.
Kasilof River - River is still slowly coming up and starting to see the King Salmon bite out in the drift boats doing well. 

Sun. June 6th - 6am
Anchor River - River is in great condition and getting better everyday.
Kasilof River - King Salmon action was great today from the drift boats and from the bank.

Sat. June 5th - 6am
Anchor River - Closed for fishing as it's starting to look better every day ! 
Ninilchik River - Good action today and a bunch of people out on the river.  River is full of fish.

Fri. June 4th - 6am
Anchor River - No rain so our river is dropping and clearing  nicely. 
Kasilof River - The most beautiful day on the river with the King Salmon bite good in the early morning and died off about 11am.

Thurs. June 3rd - 6am
Anchor River -  Just as the river is starting to come around with better conditions, they close it June 5th through July 15th. Same for Deep Creek.

Weds. June 2nd - 6am
Anchor River - Better river conditions today with the water still dropping slowly.  No Kings today, but 2 Steelhead.

Tues. June 1st - 6am
Anchor River - A little drop in the water level today and is a little bit more clear.

Mon. May 31st - 6am
Anchor River - Much better day today with one King hook up and one Steelhead. Still some Steelhead action in the river.

Sun. May 30th - 6am
Anchor River - Not many reports of Kings being caught this weekend.  the river is high and dirty, not making it easy.

Sat. May 29th - 6am
Anchor River -  Better conditions then last weekend, but still a hard day on the water with it still high and dirty.

Fri. May 28th - 6am
Anchor River - Not much change from yesterday.

Thurs. May 27th - 6am
Anchor River - Not many Kings past the weir at this point, hope it is better than last year!

Weds. May 26th - 6am
Anchor River - One King on and off today, not too many other reports of anything caught today.

Tues. May 25th - 6am
Anchor River - River conditions still are no  that good but better than last weekend.

Mon. May 24th - 6am
Anchor River - One good report of a guy who caught 3 Kings today, not sure if he was fly fishing or spin fishing. 

Sun. May 23nd
Anchor River - Water temp. is still very cold and we need it to warm up a little to get these fish active

Sat. May 22st - 6am
Anchor River -High and dirty water is going to make it tough to get down to the fish.  A report of a Steelhead caught in lower river.

Fri. May 21th - 6am
Anchor River -River not looking too good for our opener tomorrow.  Water is still high and dirty.

Thurs. May 20th - 6am
Anchor River - More of the same with high dirty water today.

Weds. May 19th - 6am
Anchor River - The water hasn't changed much at all.

Mon. May 24th - 6am
Anchor River - Beautiful day today, but still high water and dirty.  Hoping this weekend it will be better. Not mush change in the last few days.

Sun. May 23rd - 6am
Anchor River - Not much action today in the lower river, with river conditions still high and dirty, it was a tough day.  No reports.

Sat. May 22nd - 6am
Anchor River -  Opening Day on the Anchor River and we wigh the river was in a little better shape, we may have to wait a week or so to get good conditions.

Fri. May 21st - 8am
Anchor River - River conditions are still high and dirty but a noticeable improvement from yesterday until today.

Thurs. May 20th - 8am
Anchor River - River is still high and dirty and with the hard rain today, it's not going to help this weekends conditions.

Weds. May 19th - 8am
Anchor River - Little rain today and still high and dirty conditions

Tues. May 18th - 8am
Anchor River - River is very high and very muddy.
Kasilof River - Little slower today for Steelhead and no Kings caught from the bank.  Few reports of Kings caught from drift boats.

Weds. May 19th - 6am
Anchor River -