2019 Fishing Report


Anchor River, Deep Creek, Ninilchik, Kasilof and Kenai River




Thurs. Oct 31st - 9am  2019

Anchor River - No Report...  Last day of the 2019 season and I, Grant, would like to thank all of you that support The Fly Box and look at this report.  Your appreciation is very much appreciated !  Will be on Call Today !


Weds. Oct. 30th - 9am

Anchor River - No Report ...  Will be on Call Today !


Tues. Oct. 29th -

Anchor River - Water started to drop and clear up alot.  The visibility will be OK but  it is still high.


Mon. Oct. 28th - 9am

Anchor River - Rain, Rain, Rain...  Looks like it will be a few days for good water. It is high and dirty today.


Sun. Oct. 27th - 9am

Anchor River - Rained hard last night for a short while, so expect to see the water come up and get dirty by mid day.  Water looked good up river at 9am, only came up a little and just a little color.  Rain this morning, better get there quick. 


*** Lost Black Patagonia Back pack on Deep Creek about 3 weeks ago.   Healthy Reward ! 

Call grant at The Fly Box 907-299-7121


Sat. Oct. 26th - 9am

Anchor River - Water dropped and cleared up more over night and seems to be only 3-4 inches high. Visibility is good and should be a good day. No rain so far by 11am.


Fri. Oct. 25th - 9am

Anchor River - Conditions seemed to improve throughout the day, with water still a little high and off color. About 1.5 foot visibility. 


Thurs. Oct. 24th -9am

Anchor River - Water level came up about 8-10 inches more from yesterday, although the color is much better today, it is still very high and dirty.  Not as muddy. There is a Steelhead out there, with a full fly line on it, keep a look out for that, caught in the high water.


Weds. Oct. 23rd - 9am

Anchor River - Rained hard last night and the river came up about a foot and is Mocha color.  Still raining at 9:30am. Lower river came up and has a little better visibility, but the dirty water will arrive around 11am to lower river.

Deep Creek - Seems to be fishing well, with some good reports and the conditions this morning looked pretty good.


Tues. Oct. 22nd - 9am

Anchor River - Water looks good today and did drop just a little.  Steelhead fishing continues to be good and the weather is holding on.


Mon. Oct. 21st - 9am

Anchor River - River came up a little and flushed in some color, which seemed to work its way through quickly, then started to clear up nicely.


Sun. Oct. 20th - 9am

Anchor River - Little rain showers today, but the river looks good.  We had a great day on the river with one Steelhead, Two 21 inch Dolly's and a nice 24 inch fat Rainbow Trout.


Sat. Oct. 19th - 9am

Anchor River - Good morning for Steelhead fishing, several nice fish caught and active Dolly's.  River in great condition.


Fri. Oct. 18th - 8am

Anchor River - Steelhead were active today and several Dolly's.  Beads and fly's both were working.  Water is still slowly dropping and is very clear.


Thurs. Oct. 17th - 8am

Anchor River - River still remains in good condition and the Steelhead bite is still on !  Light rain in the afternoon, but temps were OK to handle.


Weds. Oct. 16th - 8am

Anchor River - Cold temps has made it fun braving the elements, but the returns have been god, with a few nice Steelhead today and a picture of a 39 inch Steelhead. 


Tues. Oct. 15th - 8am

Anchor River - Little ice along the bank this morning as the river is slowly dropping to a normal fall level.   Steelhead fishing remains to be good.


Mon. Oct. 14th - 8am

Anchor River - Little chilli this beautiful morning Steelhead fishing. Still no ice on the banks.  Good Steelhead fishing continues and we had a great day after Dolly's.  Many fat Dolly's 20 in. or better.


Sun. Oct. 13th - 8am

Anchor River - Great river conditions and Steelhead are hitting !  Cold this morning 20 degrees at 8am and 34 degrees at 1:30pm. Bring a dry rag to dry your frozen hands ! We have seen some Big Dolly's this fall.  Good tides now for a fresh push of Steelhead in lower river.


Sat. Oct. 12th - 8am

Anchor River - Eyes on the rods were freezing up this morning until about 11am, then things seemed to thaw out.  Fishing got better as it warmed up.  Nice Steelhead and Dolly's in the river.


Fri. Oct 11th - 8am

Anchor River - Steelhead were active this morning and seem to be all through the river, all the way up to BWB.


Thurs. Oct. 10th - 8am

Anchor River - Rain ended late last night, but did bring up the river a couple inches and added a little color to the river.  Still good Steelhead fishing and some fun Dolly fishing.


Weds. Oct. 9th -  8am

Anchor River - Rain today, light soaker.. not too much change to the river today, but by tomorrow we may see it come up a touch and add a little color.


Tues. Oct. 8th - 8am

Anchor River - Good reports of some nice fish being caught.  River conditions remain good and not too much pressure early this morning.


Mon. Oct. 7th - 8am

Anchor River - Good Steelhead fishing and you can't complain about the weather or river conditions. Little chilli at 8am, 26 degrees.


Sun. Oct. 6th - 8am

Anchor River - Beautiful morning ... Sunrise about 8:50am  Steelhead fishing is getting colder with temps at 31 degrees at 8am.  Steelhead seem to get more active after the sun hits the water and it warms up a little.


Sat. Oct, 5th - 8am

Anchor River - Great day on the river with good river conditions. Steelhead fishing is good and the Dolly's are active and all colored up. Both beads and fly's are effective. Guides available at the Fly Box.


Fri. Oct. 4th - 8am

Anchor River - Steelhead fishing remains to be good and fish are  scattered throughout the river.  Water is still in great shape.


Thurs. Oct. 3rd - 8am

Anchor River - Water looks great and is nice and clear.  Good reports of some nice Steelhead being caught throughout the river.


Weds. Oct. 2nd - 8am

Anchor River - Steelhead fishing continues to be great! The water level is slowly dropping and it is nice and clear. 


Tues. Oct. 1st - 8am

Anchor River - Rain last night and this morning.  River is still a little high and visibility is about a foot.  Should have until about noon today for decent conditions, then the upper river flush of high, dirty water will push through. Start in lower river. Super windy today !


Mon. Sept. 30th - 8am

Anchor River - Rain in the morning and river conditions remain ok, but not great.  Fish have been caught, even though the river conditions are high and dirty,


Sun. Sept. 29th - 8am

Anchor River - Rained all last night and heavy rain in the morning, which of course has brought the river up and has turned color, not looking good! High dirty water will hit Black Water Bend by noon and lower river by 2-3pm. 


Sat. Sept. 28th - 8am

Anchor River - Good conditions and the rain held off.  Steelhead are moving up and Dolly's are in Spawning colors.


Fri. Sept. 27th - 8am

Anchor River - Steelhead fishing remains good and the river is in great condition.

Kenai River - Great Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden fishing today, quit counting at 30 fish.  1st time seeing the fire damage... Devastating !!


Thurs. Sept. 26th - 8am

Anchor River -  Beautiful Day!  Little cool, water temps. have dropped and the water level is at a good level, nice and clear!  Good Steelhead fishing and many Dolly's.


Weds. Sept. 25th - 8am

Anchor River - Great river conditions this morning and have already seen a picture of a beautiful Steelhead.  Beads and Flies are working !  Little windy, but clearing up.


Tues. Sept. 24th - 8am

Anchor River - Better action today as the water cleared up nicely and dropped another couple of inches.  Nice Steelhead 32" this morning and a few Dolly's.


Mon. Sept. 23rd - 8am

Anchor River - Good reports today Steelhead fishing. We caught many nice size Dolly's today and one nice Steelhead.  Water should be better tomorrow.


Sun. Sept. 22nd - 8am

Anchor River - Water level hasn't come down much, but the clarity is better.  Should be a good day today.  Good reports from late yesterday.


Sat. Sept. 21st - 8am

Anchor River -  River looks good, it has come down a little more and is clearing up nicely !  Tomorrow we should see a big improvement.  Didn't see much change from what little rain we got last night.


Fri. Sept. 20th - 8am

Anchor River - Rain, Rain, Rain...  still raining hard today and what looked like it was dropping and clearing is now getting dirty again and coming up a little. 


Thurs. Sept. 19th - 8am  Grants 20th Anniversary as an Alaskan!

Anchor River - Water level dropped about 8 inches or so and turned from light brown muddy to dark brown dirty.  Still high and dirty with poor visibility.  No fishing reports.


Weds. Sept. 18th - 8am

Anchor River - Very high and dirty "Blown Out" conditions, water level came up about a foot and muddy color.  You will need some lead it get to them today !


Tues. Sept. 17th - 8am

Anchor River - Little better water visibility and dropped about 6 inches.  Good for fishing until the rain later today clouds it up again.  Dolly's today and no Steelhead.


Mon. Sept. 16th - 8am

Anchor River - Nice day with higher water and very dirty and muddy.  Should look better by noon tomorrow if no more rain.


Sun. Sept. 15th - 8am

Anchor River - Rain today seemed to slow up the Steelhead fishing and Silver fishing.  Water started to color up and may last through tomorrow.


Sat. Sept. 14th - 8am

Anchor River - Nice day today with good river conditions.  Steelhead in there and still some fresh Silvers.


Fri. Sept. 13th - 8am

Anchor River - Steelhead seem to be in the deep pockets and in there where you find Silvers. 


Thurs. Sept. 12th - 8am

Anchor River - Good Steelhead fishing this morning and no real change from the little rain we've had.  Maybe a little tint of color, but it's in great shape.


Weds. Sept. 11th - 8am

Anchor River - Steelhead fishing continues to improve and still fresh Silvers coming in.  Lots of Dolly action upper river.


Tues. Sept. 10th - 8am

Anchor River - Fun Dolly action and a few Steelhead his morning.  Good Steelhead fishing today.  River conditions are good.  Light tint in the river and came up about 3-4 inches over all.


Mon. Sept. 9th - 8am

Anchor River -  Still saw some fresh Silvers this morning and some there are some nice Steelhead in the river. No change in river conditions today from the rain. 


Sun. Sept. 8th - 8am

Anchor River - River level came up about 2-3 inches and with some color in it today. Dolly's on beads today.


Sat. Sept. 7th - 8am

Anchor River - Rain today, guess that's a good thing...  Silver action continues to be good and Dolly's are getting all colored up.  Steelhead seem to be in good numbers, so far this year.


Fri. Sept. 6th - 8am

Anchor River - Great Silver action this morning!  Caught and released a bunch and all fresh with sea lice.


Thurs. Sept. 5th - 8am

Anchor River - Starting to see more Steelhead in the river.  Silvers are on the bite and good Dolly fishing.


Weds. Sept. 4th - 8am

Anchor River - Steelhead are in good numbers and still a few fresh Silvers on the bite.  Great Dolly action and many large Dolly's.


Tues. Sept. 3rd - 6am

Anchor River - After the High tides we saw a small push of Silvers come in and now seeing Steelhead and  in good size.  Beads !


Mon. Sept. 2nd - 6am

Anchor River - Many people fishing today and saw a few Silvers caught in the morning.  Steelhead are in the river and continue to improve in numbers.


Sun. Sept. 1st -6am

Anchor River - Still many Silvers in the river and high tides have brought in some fresh, good size Steelhead.  Look for flashes when fishing Dolly's.


Sat. Aug. 31st - 6am

Anchor River - Great Silver action today and caught a very nice Steelhead.  Went up river and found some large Dolly's, who loved the beads.  Rain didn't do much to the river, maybe came up an inch or so.


Fri. Aug. 30th - 6am

Anchor River - Great Silver fishing today! The river is full of Silvers and a few Steelhead.  Dolly action was fantastic !  What were those weird water drops that came from the sky? 


Thurs. Aug. 29th - 6am

Anchor River - Saw tons of Silvers came in the river and are holding in certain spots.  Some moved up quickly and you will see a Steelhead or two in there.   Dolly's are insane !


Weds. Aug. 28th - 6am

Anchor River - Lower river still has many Silvers in there and they seem to be moving up slowly.  Bright colors worked great !


Tues. Aug. 27th - 6am

Anchor River - Very low river conditions and it normally drops this time of year, so we'll see what its like in a few weeks.  Few Steelhead in the river and Silver Fishing has been good!  Great Dolly action up river.


Mon. Aug. 26th - 6am

Anchor River - There is a bunch of Silvers in the river and you will see them from the beach up past BWB. Steelhead are starting to show and have seen them up past the bridge.


Sun. Aug. 25th - 6am

Anchor River - Fishing for Silvers has picked up a little and have seen Steelhead in the river.


Sat. Aug. 24th - 6am

Anchor River - Lots of fresh Silvers coming in, there is a mess of fish in the lower river.  Still good Dolly action up river from the bridge.


Fri. Aug. 23rd - 6am

Anchor River - We saw many Silvers in lower river this morning and caught a few.  Good size Dolly's up river.


Thurs. Aug. 22nd - 6am

Anchor River - Silvers are coming in on the high tides and we did well this morning.  Finished up the day with some great Dolly fishing up river!  Lots of smoke this afternoon.


Weds. Aug. 21st - 6am

Anchor River - Silvers are in the river!  Look down river and you will find Silvers. For Dolly Varden head way up river along the North Fork and you will find Dolly's. River Still low!  Their pulling water for the fire trucks, that isn't helping the low river conditions.


Tues. Aug. 20th - 6am

Anchor River - Found some huge Dolly"s up river, further up than I normally go...  Silvers are in the river, saw a half dozen or so move up quickly, but not on the bite late in the morning. Water Low and clear.  Fire Alert for south end of the North Fork Road, Anchor River is smoky in places up river.  Diamond Ridge area on "Ready Alert"


Mon. Aug. 19th - 6am

Anchor River - Getting skinny and shallow... Silvers seem to be hanging in lower river and move up in the low light of night.


Sun. Aug. 18th - 6am

Anchor River - Found some Dolly's this morning up river from BWB.  Not many Silver reports from the boys...


Sat. Aug. 17th - 6am

Anchor River - Low and clear sums it up.  silvers are in lower river, on the bite early in the morning seems best. 

Kenai River - Great Sockeye fishing continues in Soldotna, no sign of Silvers today...


Fri. Aug. 16th - 6am

Anchor River - A few Silvers were caught early on eggs and they moved up quickly this morning.  Dolly fishing in lower river is poor.

Kenai River - No sign of Silvers yet, but Sockeye are thick in Soldotna.


Thurs. Aug. 15th - 6am

Anchor River - Saw Silvers swimming in the deep pools, but not on the bite.


Weds. Aug. 14th - 6am

Anchor River - Finding the Dolly's was the trick today.  Most have moved up river. 

Kenai River - Sockeye !!!


Tues. Aug. 13th - 6am

Anchor River - Dolly Varden fishing was good, it seem to be better up river, catch Silvers at the mouth on the high tides.

Kenai River - Still catching limits of Sockeye !


Mon. Aug. 12th - 6am

Anchor River - Silvers were a little slow this morning using fliew.  Those who have used eggs down by the mouth are doing better.


Sun. Aug. 11th - 6am

Anchor River - Water is still very low and might get lower as the fall rolls on...  Silvers in lower river, best on eggs at first light.

Kenai River - Still many Sockeye in there, got my limit in just a few hours today !


Sat. Aug. 10th - 6am

Anchor River - Beautiful day on the river !  Lots of Dolly action and slim Silver action.


Fri. Aug. 9th - 6am

Anchor River -  Not many reports of Silvers, but there are a few in there.  Fish early morning and on the high tides for best luck.


Thurs. Aug. 8th - 6am

Anchor River - Only reports of Silvers were caught in the early morning, not a huge push of silvers.

Kenai River - Reds, Reds, Reds !!!


Weds. Aug. 7th - 6am

Anchor River -  Dolly Varden fishing is great up river, best chance for a Silver is on the high tides and early morning is best.


Tues. Aug. 6th - 6am

Anchor River - Still looking for a big push of silvers.

Kenai River - Still a great number of Sockeye in the Kenai, so go fill your cooler and freezer !


Mon. Aug. 5th - 6am

Anchor River - The Dolly Varden fishing has been good.

Kenai River - Huge number of Reds still coming up the Kenai River.


Sun. Aug. 4th - 6am

Anchor River - There are a few Silvers milling around in the lower river and seem to be coming in on the high tides. Up river is full of Dolly's.


Sat. Aug. 3rd - 6am

Anchor River -  Fun Dolly action up river today and few reports of Silvers caught.  Best luck would be in the lower river along the beach at high tide.


Fri. Aug. 2nd - 6am

Anchor River - Great morning and good river conditions.  Could use more water, but you may find Silvers low in the river, on the high tide.


Thurs. Aug. 1st - 6am

Anchor River - Great Dolly action up river from the bridge, in the Dolly hole.  Still some big Kings swimming around, don't walk in their spawning area, thanks!


Weds. July 31st - 6am

Anchor River - Two Silvers caught early before daylight on the high tide this morning.  No Silvers the rest of the day, but the tides are rising.


Tues. July 30th - 6am

Anchor River - Lower river had some good Pink action and heard of the 1st Silver caught down by the mouth.


Mon. July 29th - 6am

Anchor River - Still kind of slow for the Dolly's. Plenty of Pinks.

Kenai River - Great Sockeye action today, limit 6 and done in 2 hours, in Soldotna.


Sun. July 28th - 6am

Anchor River - Dolly's were a little slow, but we saw plenty of good Pink action.   River still low and clear.


Sat. July 27th - 6am

Anchor River - River looks great, although it is a little low from perfect conditions.


Fri. July 26th - 6am

Anchor River - Pink Salmon continue to be active and the Dolly's have moved up river  and seem to be in the deep pockets.


Thurs. July 25th - 6am

Anchor River - River is in great shape, may have a touch more water in it and still some good Pink and Dolly action.  Dolly's have moved up and we are still looking for the first report of Silvers.


Weds. July 24th - 6am

Anchor River - Little rain last night didn't do much change to the river, color still good.  You will find pockets of fish in the lower river.

Try Looking in the deep holes and below fast running water.


Tues. July 23rd - 6am

Anchor River - Water looks good and seemed to have raised a little.  Good Dolly action and there was still a bunch of Pinks in there.


Mon. July 22nd - 6am

Anchor River - No sign of Silvers yet, still waiting for the first sign of the Coho !


Sun. July 21st - 6am

Anchor River - Still good fishing for Pinks and Dolly's have moved up a little.  Water is good.


Sat. July 20th - 6am

Anchor River - Good fishing for Dolly's and Pink Salmon.  River looks good.


Fri. July 19th - 6am

Anchor River - River cleared up nicely and is good for fishing.   Dolly's and Pinks in there for  some fun action.


Thurs. July 18th - 6am

Anchor River - River looks better and good fishing.

Kenai River - Running high and fast. 


Weds. July 17th - 6am

Anchor River - Fishing well for Pink action and Dolly's.  Littele color in the river didn't hurt the fish coming in.


Tues. July 16th - 6am

Anchor River - Little color in the river turning it brown for a change but won't last long.  Came up very little.

Humpy Creek - Stuffed with Pinks and Dolly's


Mon. July 15th - 6am

Anchor River - Pinks and Dolly's are active, coming in more and more.  Good fishing !


Sun. July 14th - 6am

Anchor River - Pick Salmon and Dolly's in the river for some good action.  Water low and clear.

Kenai River - Sockeye !  Time to fill the coolers !


Sat. July 13th - 6am

Anchor River - Good fishing for Pink Salmon and Dolly's are starting to come in bigger numbers. 


Fri. July 12th - 6am

Anchor River - Starting to see lots of Pinks and Dolly's in the river and the water is still very low and clear.

Kenai River - Fishing well for Sockeye Salmon in the Soldotna area, not heavy, but well worth fishing.


Thurs. July 11th - 6am

Anchor River - Good Dolly and Pink action this morning, lots of fish coming in the river.


Weds. July 10th - 6am

Anchor River - Still very low and clear, starting to see a few Dolly's and Pinks in the river.


Tues. July 9th - 6am

Anchor River - Little slow today with a Pink on the morning tide.


Mon. July 8th - 6am

Anchor River -  Had a nice push of fish on the evening tide, catching half a dozen Pinks and Half a dozen Dolly's.  Ended the day landing a 15lb Fresh King of a 5wt on a Squirltail.


Sun. July 7th - 6am

Anchor River - Water is low and clear, best fishing is in the low light of the morning and evening.


Sat. July 6th - 6am

Anchor River- Low and Clear water, few fish have been caught, dry flies have been working, not much on beads yet.

Kasilof River - Water level is getting higher but the sockeye are still being caught below Crooked Creek.


Fri. July 5th - 6am

Anchor River - Starting to see a few Dolly's flashing in ehind the Kings and a small Pink has been caught.

Kasilof River - Still doing good for Sockeye as the river keeps rising.


Thurs. July 4th - 6am

Anchor River - Low and clear, fishing is slow.

Happy Independence Day !


Weds. July 3rd - 6am

Anchor River - Fishing is slow, as the big push of Dolly's has not hit yet.

Kasilof River - A nice push of Sockeye came through mid morning and we did well.  No sign of Kings.


Tues. July 2nd - 6am

Anchor River - River is very low and clear.  Not much action today as it's early for Dolly's and Pinks. 


Mon. July 1st - 6am

Anchor River - Open for fishing, as far as Fish and Game says....  after two phone calls and triple checking, it is open! Although the emergence order says closed until July 15th in the first paragraph...  Carol is gone and it isn't clear at all and I still think it is closed, because of Carol's initial intent of the closure in the first place.

Kasilof River - Sockeye today and no sigh of Kings.


Sun. June 30th - 6am

Anchor River - Closed

Kasilof River - Few Rainbows upper river today and some sockeye.


Sat. June 29th - 6am

Anchor River - Closed.

Kasilof River - Still catching some Kings from the bank and Sockeye are hit or miss..


Fri. June 28th - 6am

Anchor River - Closed.

Kasilof River - Still catching some Kings from the bank and few Sockeye. Water up another couple inches again today.


Thurs. June 27th - 6am

Anchor River - Could use some water...

Kasilof River - Good King fishing and ok Sockeye fishing, water is rising slowly the last few days.



Weds. June 26th - 6am

Anchor River - Closed, very low and clear.

Kasilof River - Good King fishing and slow Sockeye fishing due to the opening of dip netting.


Tues. June 25th - 6am

Anchor River - Closed until July 15th

Kasilof River - Still producing good King fishing and some Sockeye  are in there also.


Mon. June 24th - 6am

Anchor River - Water level low.

Kasilof River - Still catching Kings and a few Sockeye.


Sun. June 23rd - 6am

Anchor River - Water level dropping and getting low.  Closed !

Ninilchik River - Open for hatchery kings only and best in early morning.

Kenai River/Russian River - Reds are in and still many fish in the river.


Sat. June 22nd - 6am

Anchor River - Closed until July 15th


Fri. June 21st

Anchor River - Closed

Kasilof River - Still some good King action and a few Sockeye moving through.


Thurs. June 20th

Anchor River - Closed


Weds. June 19th - 6am

Anchor River - Closed

Kasilof River - Still some good King action and a few Sockeye moving through.


Tues. June 18th - 6am

Anchor River - Closed

Ninilchik River - Open for King Salmon, Hatchery only!


Mon. June 17th - 6am

Anchor River_- Closed

Ninilchik River - Open for King Salmon, Hatchery only!


Sun. June 16th - 6am

Anchor River - Closed

Ninilchik R. - Opens today for Hatchery King Salmon


Sat. June 15th - 6am

Anchor River - Closed

Kenai R - Russian River Reds limit increased to 6 fish in the sanctuary only.

Kasilof R. - Good King Fishing continues and a few sockeye reported from the bank.


Fri. June 14th - 6am

Anchor River -

Kenai River - Still Reds being caught in Soldotna.


Thurs. June 13th - 6am

Anchor River - Closed, but getting lower. Hate the "R" word but we need it !

Kenai/Russian River -  "Sockeye are In," in great numbers this early in the year.


Weds. June 12th -

Anchor River - Closed

Kenai River -  Try for some RR reds in Soldotna.



Tues. June 11th - 6am

Anchor River - Closed until July 15th, we can fish on the 16th.

Kenai River - Caught, cleaned, in the cooler 3 Russian River Reds in about 2 hours in Soldotna yesterday.


Mon. June 10th - 6am

Anchor River - Good action this morning and many rolling today.  Bright light and low and clear river conditions slowed things up once the sun hit the water.

High Tides -

8:14am - 15.78 ft

9:14pm - 17.45 ft


Sun. June 9th -

Anchor River - Early morning was hot with a few nice Kings caught.  Slowed up as the morning progressed.  Saw 3 caught and only saw a few move up.

High Tides -

6:56am - 16.70 ft

8:09pm - 17.09 ft


Sat. June 8th -

Anchor River - Great King action this morning.  The early bite was on at 4 until 6am.  Still had some action, landing one for two about 10am.  Conditions great, lots of fishermen.

High Tides -

5:51am - 17.95 ft

7:06pm - 17.16 ft


Fri. June 7th -

Anchor River - Still some good high tides and the Kings have been coming in lower river all week.  Conditions are great, see you out there at midnight !

High Tides -

4:58am - 19.09 ft

6:10pm - 17.49 ft


Thurs. June 6th - 6am

Anchor River  - We have great river conditions, looking good for the weekend.

High Tides -

4:12am - 19.95 ft

5:20pm - 17.91 ft


Weds. June 5th -

Anchor River - Just Perfect !

High Tides -

3:31am - 20.41 ft

4:35pm - 18.27 ft

Kasilof River - Great river conditions, water rising slowly.  Bite was on in the early AM and slowed down by mid morning.


Tues. June 4th - 6am

Anchor River - Great looking river conditions and we are seeing Kings heading up river past the weir.  The count is higher than last year, which is promising. 

Anchor River. King Salmon Count

High Tides -

2:53am - 20.51 ft

3:53pm - 18.04ft

Fishing Report, Tues. June 4th 10:00am

Fishing over the weekend was good on the Southern Kenai Peninsula, with the help from High Tides, some good weather and great river conditions. 

Anchor River, Deep Creek and Ninilchik were all fishing well for King Salmon. Still a few Steelhead hanging around, adding to the action!

King Salmon fishing on the Kasilof is improving, as water level continues to rise slowly.  Doing well from the drift boats and also river bank fishing.

Upper Kenai River will be open June 11th for fishing, and their starting to see sockeye in the Kenai already.

The King Salmon count on the Anchor R. is running higher than last year, although there is still room for improvement.

As of:  June 1st we were at 938 fish, compared to 143 last year on the same day.

It would be nice to see numbers at about 1,500  by now, which would be more on track for a 7-8 thousand fish year… 

Best time to fish for King Salmon on the river is, two hours before high tide - to 2 hours after high tide, for a big push of fish coming in the river. 

Anchor River, Deep Creek and Ninilchik will be open on Sat. June 8th, 9th, and 10th for the last 3 days of King fishing.  

Anchor River, Deep Creek and Ninilchik will be closed until July 15.  With the upper river, past the markers, open August 1st.

Halibut Fishing and Salmon trolling has been good and many reports of Orca’s and Whales in the area.

Actually an amazing sad story my bud saw… a pack of Killer whales taking out a whale calf as the mama whale was bellowing for help... sad but… Natural Channel in HD.


Anchor River. King Salmon Count

High Tides -

2:53am - 20.51 ft

3:53pm - 18.04ft


Mon. June 3rd -

Anchor River - Fishing continues to be good with the help of the higher tides and good weather.  River conditions are great and should remain that way today.  River will be closed this Weds. and reopen Sat. June 8th.

High Tides -

2:16am - 20.31ft

3:12pm - 18.37ft


Sun. June 2nd - 6am

Anchor River - Great river conditions with lower and clear water.  Kings are in the river and moving up in good numbers, better than last year on these dates.  Spin and Glows are working for Kings.

High Tides-

1:41am - 19.85

2:32am - 18.01


Sat. June 1st - 6am

Anchor River - Water level has dropped more and is still very clear.  Caught one Kings today and a few Steelhead.  Steelhead fishing has been good and still hanging on...

High Tides-

1:06am - 19.16ft

1:52pm - 17.39ft


Fri. May 31st  - 6am

Anchor River - A good number of Kings came in the river past the weir, giving us over 750 fish so far, which is better than last year. Still nice and clear with the water level a touch high.  Should be a great weekend of King fishing with high tides to bring in more fish.

High Tides -

12:30am - 18.31ft

1:10pm -  16.50ft


Thurs. May 30th - 6am

Anchor River - Clear visibility after a little rain last night, water level is a little high, but better than last Mon.

High Tides

12:25pm - 15.45ft


Weds. May 29th - 6am

Anchor River - River dropping nicely and looking good for Sat.

High Tides

11:35am - 14.34ft

12 Midnight - 14.34ft


Tues. May 28th - 6am

Anchor River - Water has dropped a little and is clearing up nicely.  Had a fun day yesterday with a client tripping and falling landing his King.  No injuries and a great story !

High Tides - My New Deal I Think You will Like !!

10:35am - 13.39ft

11;10 pm - 16.31ft


Mon. May 27th - 6am

Anchor River - Came up about 6 inches and turned dirty. Poor visibility and high water made it tough today, but managed to land one with a fly and half a brick of weight, just after high tide about 10am. 


Sun. May 26th - 6am

Anchor River - Great morning for weather then it turned rainy. Did see a few Kings caught and lots of reports of Steelhead caught.  Visibility is nice and clear, the rain today may turn it cloudy by tonight, but it's not muddy at all.


Sat.May 25th - 6am

Anchor River - We are looking at good conditions for today's opener!  You have about 2 foot visibility and its just a little high.  Will be updating throughout the day with reports as they come in. Nothing reported yet at 5:55am.

1pm Report - Many Steelhead being caught and a few Kings caught swinging fly's this morning.  Bright Pink and Chartreuse seem to be best!


Fri. May 24th - 6am

Anchor River - Looking good for the King Opener tonight at midnight.  River is about 4-6 inches high from perfect and a good two foot visibility, not muddy at all !


Thurs. May 23rd - 6am

Anchor River - Water visibility is noticeably clearer and a little high, but good conditions for Memorial Weekend. Shop will be open until Midnight on Friday. 

Kasilof River - River came up a little and saw a few Kings caught from a boat today.


Weds. May 22nd - 6am

Anchor River - Still looking good for the weekend!  The water is much clearer and slowly dropping.


Tues. May 21st - 6am

Anchor River - Good visibility and the water level is normal for this time of year.


Mon. May 20th - 6am

Anchor River - Much more clear today as the river continues to drop.


Sun. May 19th - 6am

Anchor River -

Kasilof River - Still low and good fishing conditions, Steelhead fishing was a little slower today.


Sat. May 18th - 6am

Anchor  River - Water would of been good today if we had our normal opener.  It's a little high and a touch of color, good conditions.


Fri. May 17th - 8am

Anchor River - The river is a little high and still dirty, so an extra week is going to help conditions and should be a good opener next Fri. at midnight.

Kasilof River - Still good reports of Steelhead in the river and great river conditions up to this point.


Thurs. May 16th - 8am

Anchor River - Still high and brown, but the color has improved a little. 


Weds. May 15th - 8am

Anchor River - The color is starting to clear a little, rain today isn't going to help.  An extra week may give us better river conditions.


Tues. May 14th - 8am

Anchor River - River continues to drop and looks good if the rain holds off. 

Kasilof River - Conditions are great for some good Steelhead fishing, should be a nice day. 


Mon. May 13th - 8am

Anchor River - River dropped about 6 inches and continues to be dirty and high.

Kasilof River - Great Steelhead fishing with many nice fish caught.


Sun. May 12th - 8am

Anchor River - Water Level has dropped a little, still high and brown, normal conditions for this time of year.

Kasilof River -Good river conditions producing some great Steelhead fishing.  Good reports of nice fish in the river.


Sat. May 11th - 8am

Anchor River - Rain brought up the river a bit and still dirty. Weir is in.

Kasilof River - Water is still low and very accessible for great River Bank Fishing, guides available here at the Fly Box.


Fri. May 10th - 8am

Anchor River - Normal spring conditions with high water and dirty.

Kasilof River -Many good reports of Steelhead fishing on the Kasilof and one report of a King caught.


Thurs. May 9th - 8am

Anchor River - Looks like a good break up and normal high water and a few new trees down, river always changes...

Kasilof River -Good Steelhead fishing today around the lower Crooked Creek area where the water colors come together.


Weds. May 8th - 8am

Anchor River - Not a lot of change with the water high and dirty.

Kasilof River -Steelhead in the river and some good reports today.


Tues. May 7th - 8am

Anchor River - River still running high with a couple of new trees fell in the river and a couple of minor changes. 

Kasilof River - Good place to try today with beautiful river conditions.  Caught a few nice Steelhead today.


Mon. May 6th - 8am

Anchor River - Water lever isstill ua and rown, but it looks like we are on track for a god opener May 25th. Shop will be open until Midnight on Fri. May 24th !

Kasilof River - Continues to produce good Steelhead fishing, and according to the boys, they have seen many !


Sun. May 5th - 8am

Anchor River - Looking forward to a good King Salmon Season and "No Bait" Single Hook, Artificial Lures Only !  We Got Great Flies !!

Kasilof River - Is the place to be !  Great reports of Steelhead fishing and excellent river conditions.


Sat. May 4th - 8am

Anchor River - River Check !  Flowing about normal and dirty and we get an extra week for river conditions to improve.

Kasilof River - What are you reading this for get to the Kasilof and go fishing !!  lol


Fri. May 3rd - 8am

Anchor River - Getting excited for the King Salmon Opener on Sat. May 25th.  Lost the first and last weekend and all the weds. leaves us 9 days of King fishing, same on Ninilchek and Deep Ck.

Kasilof River - River looks good and heard good reports of Steelhead fishing.


Thurs. May 2nd - 8am

Anchor River - River looks good, about average for this time of year.

Kasilof River - Should be a good time for Steelhead fishing, good river conditions and not many fishermen.


Weds. May 1st - 8am

Anchor River Good spring run off continues to flows and not over the banks, but still high. Anchor river open May 25th for our "Opener"

Kasilof River Water level is low and great for Steelhead fishing.  No reports yet from the boys and haven't been there yet myself.


2019 Fishing Report


Good Morning Folks ! Back in the Saddle here at the Fly Box and will be keeping up with the fishing report daily.

Lets get some "Tight Lines and Sunny Days !"